From the cropland…to the coastline

From the cropland…to the coastline

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The Eastern Aberdeen Association has three levels of membership: Active Members, Associate Members, and Junior Members. All members of the Eastern Aberdeen Association MUST be members of the American Aberdeen Association (AAA) and comply with the AAA bylaws.



Example: Add your type of farm (organic, grassfed, seedstock, etc. or any other information you might want your fellow members to know about you and what you do.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS: Individuals, at least 21 years of age, partnerships, corporations, and firms that are active breeders of American Aberdeen cattle who have paid annual dues. These individuals must live in one of the 23 declared states of the EAA. Active members may be elected to and serve on the Board of Directors. Active members have full voting rights, one vote per member.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIPS: Individuals, partnerships, corporations, and firms that are members of the AAA and have paid their annual dues to the EAA. Associate Members may live anywhere. Associate Members are allowed to participate in all EAA events but have no voting rights.

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIPS: Young men and women twenty-one years of age or younger who are interested in the American Aberdeen breed and pay annual dues to the EAA may participate in all EAA events. Junior members are not eligible for voting or serving on the board.

NOTE: Annual dues are due by December 31st every year. There is a $10 late fee for membership renewals received after Dec. 31st.